Council and Chapter

Council and Chapter  


MOAA Insurance Plans is continuing the advertising program for MOAA Councils and Chapters.

A digital and print ready advertisement promoting MOAA Insurance Plans is available by request.

If a Council or Chapter would like to place the advertisement online or in a newsletter or other publication, they will be provided a copy of the advertisement and a payment of $100.


Limited-Time offer: If you would like to participate in this program, MOAA Insurance Plans will only accept advertising requests from January through May each year. We ask all Councils and Chapters to contact us during this period, even if you may not publish the ad until later in the year.

How to enroll: Enrolling in the MOAA Insurance Plans advertising program is easy.

  1. Send an email request to David Shidler ([email protected]) at AMBA Administrators, Inc., MOAA's Insurance Administrator, by May 31st each calendar year with "Council/Chapter Ad Request" in the subject line.
  2. Include your contact information and attach a completed W-9 form for your Council or Chapter in your email request.
  3. We will start processing your request upon receipt of your email.


When you’ll receive the advertisement and $100 payment: Once your email request to David Shidler ([email protected]) is submitted with all the necessary information, we will begin processing your request.


  • Advertisement: You will receive the digital and print ready advertisement within 5 business days of your request.
  • $100 Payment: Payments will be mailed between 35-45 days after receiving your request. This timeframe allows us time to review the W-9 form and for our Accounting Department to process the payment.


How to use the advertisement: Once you receive the advertisement, you must use the ad at least one time. You are welcome to use it multiple times throughout the year, but please note that you can only receive a one-time $100 payment during each calendar year.

If you have questions, please send an email to David Shidler ([email protected]) or call 1-515-721-7034.




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