MOAA Insurance | MEDIPLUS® TRICARE Reserve Select

MOAA Insurance | MEDIPLUS® TRICARE Reserve Select  

Is your current plan providing enough coverage?


TRICARE Reserve Select is a good health care plan, but like many plans today, it doesn't cover everything.


The MEDIPLUS® TRICARE Reserve Select (TRS) Supplement Insurance Plan, when paired with your TRICARE Reserve Select coverage, will pay the cost shares for things such as covered doctor visits, hospital stays and prescription drugs, as well as excess charges (up to 15% above the TRICARE-allowed amount) once your TRICARE deductible has been met. This can help protect your finances from the escalating costs of health care by reducing the risk of unexpected medical costs.


The MOAA MEDIPLUS® TRS Supplement Plan includes:

  • Guaranteed Acceptance - You and your family cannot be turned down*
  • Affordable Group Rates - Negotiated exclusively for MOAA members
  • Freedom to Choose - Select your own TRICARE-authorized doctor
  • Moves With You - Keep your coverage from job to job
  • Excellent Customer Service - with the backing of MOAA
  • Guaranteed Satisfaction - 30 Day Free Look

For more information about MOAA's MEDIPLUS® TRS Supplement Insurance Plan (including cost, exclusions, limitations and terms of coverage), click here.


To request a MEDIPLUS® Information Packet to be mailed to you, click here or call 1-800-247-2192.


*This policy is guaranteed acceptance, but it does contain a Pre-Existing Conditions Limitation. Please refer to the website for more information on exclusions and limitations, such as Pre-Existing Conditions.

Underwritten by: Hartford Life and Accident Insurance Company, Home Office Hartford, CT 06155.


The Hartford® is The Hartford Financial Services Group Inc., and its subsidiaries, including issuing company Hartford Life and Accident Insurance Company. 

All benefits are subject to the terms and conditions of the policy. Policies underwritten by Hartford Life and Accident Insurance Company detail exclusions, limitations, reduction of benefits and terms under which the policies may be continued in force or discontinued.

Coverage may not be available in some states.


TRICARE Form Series includes SRP-1269, or state equivalent.



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